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The Technomancer is a sci-fi RPG that offers players plenty of dynamic combat action based on 4 skill trees dedicated to 3 combat styles and the destructive electrical powers of the Technomancers. Technomancers are “mage-warriors” who can use their innate ability to harness destructive electrical powers enhanced by their cybernetic implants. Respected and feared by all,

they are formidable warriors who have been trained to fight from an early age. But you can’t resolve every situation with brute force alone in The Technomancer; a dynamic dialog system plays a major role in the quests, enabling the player to alter the course of the plot depending on his decisions. Craft equipment, weapons and armour for yourself and to equip the companions you recruit as you progress through your adventure and

with whom you will form friendships, romances and even intense rivalries. The player is fleeing for his life with the secret police on his tail. He must confront the harsh reality of the Red Planet as he embarks on a long quest that will lead him through the refuges of the tribal communities on Mars, cities buried under the ice and the dystopian slums that have grown up around the few remaining cities.

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Your adventure begins long after the start of the colonisation of Mars, which is now a wasteland, with artefacts and relics from a bygone era littering the surface of the Red Planet. You play Zach, a rookie Technomancer who is about to take the initiation rite that will turn him into a true Technomancer. Technomancers are "mage-warriors" who can use their innate ability to harness

destructive electrical powers enhanced by their cybernetic implants. Respected and feared by all, they are formidable warriors who have been trained to fight from an early age. Your initiation will take you to one of the Ancient Domes, vestiges of the first human colonies on Mars and 'sacred' places guarded by the Technomancers...

Sci-Fi RPG

The Technomancer is a sci-fi RPG that offers players plenty of dynamic combat action based on 4 skill trees dedicated to 3 combat styles and the destructive electrical powers of the Technomancers. Gain experience in combat or completing quests and develop your character and companions according to your playing style. You can’t resolve every situation with brute force alone

in The Technomancer. Quests can often be completed in a variety of ways; with force of course, but also using dialog and stealth… The dynamic dialog system plays a major role in the quests and will enable you to alter the course of the plot and the progress of your quests depending on the decisions you make. Craft equipment, weapons and armour for yourself and to equip the companions you recruit during your adventure

and with whom you will form friendships, romances or intense rivalries. Your decisions will not only impact on the plot and the events in your adventure, but also on the side quests you may be lucky enough to unlock. It goes without saying it will be useless to seek help from a companion or another character you have betrayed...


The Technomancer doesn’t revolve exclusively around combat; it also offers a rich and effective crafting system enabling players to customise both the appearance, effectiveness and effect of their weapons. Mars has now been isolated for over 120 years, and is a world where the different communities are in permanent conflict. This is reflected by the weapons and wide range of equipment that is often cobbled together using anything to hand, including recycled items.

Recycled material, leather straps, pieces of metal… these seemingly worthless items are more valuable to the Martians than any kind of money. Scour the places you visit, go through the pockets of enemies killed in combat and combine the elements to craft or enhance your armour and weapons and to craft items you can use in combat: stimpacks, mines... When you customise an armour item or weapon, it will not only change the look of your equipment, but will also alter its attributes (damage, protection, critical hits, etc.).


Humans – looters, bandits and enemy factions – aren’t the only dangers on Mars. If the surface of Mars was once sterile and barren, hundreds of years of human colonisation have resulted in the creation and evolution of legions of hybrid species, designed using genetic materials extracted from Earth animals. This scientific experiment was originally intended to support the Red Planet’s fragile early ecosystem and to serve the needs of the colonists,

but it has gone wildly out of control since the cataclysm that disconnected Mars from Earth and wiped out nearly all its inhabitants. Although most of the creatures had been bred as domestic animals, they evolved to survive the harsh environment on the surface of Mars and developed some potent defence mechanisms – strong poisons, natural camouflage,

brute force... In the decades following the catastrophe these creatures became savage, more aggressive and considerably more dangerous and would fiercely defend their territory from human intrusion. You will need the full mastery of the various combat styles in The Technomancer and all the destructive electrical powers you possess to withstand these new and dangerous species created by Humans and formed in a hostile world.

See the Gameplay Trailer



The most gifted rookie Technomancer in Ophir. Now that his many long, hard years of Technomancer training are coming to an end, Zachariah is about to take the initiation rite that will turn him into a true member of the order.


  • Technomancy
  • Combat
  • Thief


Amelia is a committed expedition driver and, given the dangerous nature of her job, has also been trained in combat. She is fascinated by stories of lost cities, traffickers of relics from adventures and glorious expeditions.


  • Ranged and melee combat
  • Off-road driving
  • Repairs and crafting


Scott, a doctor and scientist, found Zachariah in the slums of Ophir where he discovered his latent Technomancy skills. His medical knowledge will be invaluable during your trip.


  • Healing
  • Drugs

Colonel Viktor

Director of the ASC, Abundance’s secret police, Colonel Viktor is a pragmatic and ambitious man. His rise to the top of the ASC has given him control over virtually all areas of influence in Abundance... only the Technomancers are still able to evade his iron fist.


A talented Technomancer, Sean is Zachariah’s teacher and mentor. Though loyal to Abundance, he is not blind to the defects in its structure, nor to the threat posed by the ASC. Now Zachariah’s period of training is nearly over, it is Sean who will guide him through the initiation rite.



The Technomancer has a dynamic, tactical, real-time combat system, so don’t dive headlong into battle with no clear strategy, or you’ll quickly bite the dust! Before engaging in battle, consider the forces you’re up against and prepare an attack strategy that will deal most efficiently with your adversaries. For example, you wouldn’t approach a gang of looters armed with fist weapons in the same way as you would tackle a horde of the most terrifying mutant creatures on Mars.

The Technomancer has 3 combat styles – staff, blade/gun, and blade/shield. Each of the 3 styles has its own skill tree where you can improve your existing skills or gain new ones by allocating XP you earn during your adventure.
You are a Technomancer: a "mage-warrior" who can harness destructive electrical powers enhanced by your cybernetic implants. You can therefore access a skill tree that is specific to these powers. Electrify your melee weapons to make them more lethal,

aim devastating bolts of lightning at your opponents and set electrical traps to shock and surprise your enemies during combat... used expertly, your Technomancer powers will enable you to face any threat.
Launch a melee attack and use your lightning powers or gun to keep your enemies at bay. Penetrate their defences, catch them off-guard and parry their strikes… your companions will fight alongside you and react to your every move, so select the most suitable companion as your perfect battle buddy!

The 3 combat styles


Combat style based on mobility and damage using sweeping and effective blows against groups comprising several enemies.

Blade/mace and gun

Showcases agility, dodging and controls the pace of combat with the nailgun.

Blade/mace and shield

Combat style focusing on defence, blocking and parries to inflict heavy damage in response to an attack.



Mars was colonised more than 20 years ago by Earth colonists. At that time the colonies were scattered enclaves in regions suitable for human and animal habitation and sustained by the controlled proliferation of vegetable organisms that generated a breathable atmosphere. Cities quickly grew on the Red Planet and agricultural zones, mines, breeding areas and research centres were established to allow the colonists to be self-sufficient. The long-term objective was to create a new Earth… but the process was rudely interrupted well before it was completed.

The Turmoil 1/2

Seven decades after the arrival of the first Earth colonists, the Mars settlement finally started to flourish and develop. This prosperity came to an abrupt end by a catastrophe on the scale of the solar system. Tilting on its axis, the Red Planet left its normal orbit and moved slightly closer to the sun. The thin Martian atmosphere was now unable to filter the dangerous radiation emitted by the star, plunging the colonists into a hitherto unknown and total chaos as the sun’s deadly rays caused death and destruction on the planet. Many inhabitants were forced to flee the ruined cities and devastated agricultural zones and were exposed to harmful radiation from the sun... all communication with Earth was lost, and the Red Planet was now isolated.

The Turmoil 2/2

Practically the entire population was suddenly wiped out, and many of the survivors who suffered even brief exposure to solar radiation started to mutate. The colonists who managed to reach their shelters in time continued to live as best they could in cities that were more or less intact and shielded from the now deadly rays of the sun. The loss of contact with Earth had also cut off any deliveries of raw materials including wood and oil products that were everyday items. Fabricated metals and composite materials like steel, plastic or powder were now almost exclusively derived from recycled products, and the lives of the colonists quickly reverted to a level comparable to that of the Middle Ages on Earth. If there were indeed any technological relics that were still operational they were extremely rare, and became the almost exclusive property of those who now occupied the role of priests and guardians of the knowledge: The Technomancers.

The Water Wars

Of all the resources that would become scarce, one in particular was truly vital for the survival of the colonists... the only resource that would enable them to support agriculture and to quite simply stay alive. The rare installations that were still operational and the water sources that could still be exploited soon became scenes of ferocious battles for control of them; because the different autonomous "governments" that had risen up from the ashes of the colonies understood one thing above all: he who controls water, controls Mars.


The wars tearing the peoples of Mars apart are still raging. You play Zach, a young Technomancer from Abundance. Initiated into the terrible secret of the Technomancers, you must do everything you can to preserve it from the vindictive hatred of the secret police. You must understand the nature of the mutation afflicting you and also re-establish contact with Earth...


Ophir is a very old city, its centre built from the remains of earth domes in the Ophir Chasma canyon. It was the headquarters of the hydro-engineers of the United Nations of MARS (UNM) who, of course, when they took it upon themselves to restore supplies after the Turmoil, reconstructed and expanded it to shelter the large number of refugees from the surrounding camps. Ophir is now one of the largest "metropolises" on Mars and one of the last bastions of humanity.


Noctis is a free city, independent from the corporations, carved into the rock over many years and overlooking the complex network of the canyons of Noctis Labyrinthus from which it takes its name. It is a colourful place, where all different cultures meet under the stewardship of the merchants who practically run the city. Protected by the big water companies, the inhabitants of Noctis enjoy a much greater degree of liberty.

Mutant Valleys

Mutant Valley is a natural valley situated on a vast crater. For geological reasons, this area was particularly suitable for lichens, which made it surprisingly green. As there was practically no shade apart from along the sides of the crater, it was never colonised by the survivors, but some years later the first mutants who escaped from the cities and shadow paths under construction took refuge on its walls. They have since developed the area and have built dwellings perched on the slopes, tamed certain creatures using wind traps, dug artesian wells and cultivated crops.


The ASC – the Abundance Security Committee – was created by Abundance to monitor internal opponents of the regime and spy on rival corporations. The head of the ASC is Colonel Viktor.


One of the most influential factions in Abundance is the underworld, the members of which are called the "Vory". The Vory form a far-reaching organisation that controls all illegal activities, or borderline criminal activities, in Ophir.

The Army of Abundance

The army of Abundance is one of the oldest active structures on Mars. Highly disciplined, its operations are governed by strict rules and procedure. It is the best-equipped military organisation on Mars, though the army is compromised on the battlefield by its fearful distrust of the Technomancers.


The Technomancers are formidable warriors who harness destructive electrical powers enhanced by their implants. Formerly the keepers of knowledge and technology, over time they have become the water companies’ main asset on the battlefield. A brotherhood similar to a religious order, its members share a very special bond - a secret known to them alone.


The relentless oppression of the ASC and its increasing hold on Abundance have given rise to a rebel movement among the population: the Opposition. The opponents of the regime want to topple the ASC, and return Abundance to the egalitarian society it was once famous for.


Merchants ensure the effective trade and commerce between the few still-populated cities on Mars, travelling along the shadow paths to protect them from the lethal rays of the sun. They have no allegiance to any of the corporations. It is whispered that the merchants inhabit a hidden city deep in the canyons: Noctis. But these are just rumours...


Mutants are people who were unlucky enough to suffer exposure to the harsh solar radiation... and survive the horrifying ordeal. There are even some in their number who were born as mutants. Treated no better than animals, they have no education and are often reduced to slavery. Mutants are the main source of labour for the corporations.